UKRPC is a British GTA V Roleplay community. We take every part of the experience seriously; fleet, equipment, realism, environment & more.

We focus on the Police Service, Ambulance Service, Fire & Rescue Service, Highways England and more. We have a team of experienced command members to assist us in the day to day running of the community. We work closely with other communities to ensure we have the best and most appropriate members.

We’ve been through thick and thin, low and high points; We’re still here and we’re not planning to go anywhere. A lot of time and effort has gone into making this place to what it is.

Like what you read, look at our Jobs page which can explain more about the role available at UKRPC.

Recruitment is “OPEN”

Join the highly professional roleplaying community while you can!
We are looking for dedicated and mature members who are aged 16 and above to join as a Police Constable, Dispatcher, Firefighter or Paramedic.

Apply NOW!